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Top Global Networking Trends for Cisco in 2022

Every day, business processes are changing rapidly. These fundamental changes affect how people and machines interact with each other, how networking works, the elements and processes involved, as well as the people who manage them.
Cisco is a global manufacturer of networking equipment with an annual revenue of more than $50 billion. It holds 44.3% market share in WLAN and is one the most prominent telecom and network vendors worldwide. Cisco plays an important role in determining the latest technology and trends in networking.
Cisco offers certifications for each of its products and applications to help professionals and experts learn these new technologies. You can choose from one of the certifications that are available for Cisco products to advance your career and open up new opportunities for growth and expertise.
Which certification should you choose? How can you determine which technology or product has most potential for growth and usage? Experts predict these technologies and trends for the decade starting in 2022:
WI-FI 6G and 5G
Wi-Fi 6 is enabled on the latest smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and other top manufacturers. Wi-Fi 6 access points are currently being shipped to customers and manufacturers around the globe.
Although 5G isn't widely used at the moment, it is expected to change quickly. It is designed to improve the speed and flexibility wireless networks. Cisco's 5G offerings allow businesses to mobilize workers, take automation to a higher level, and support new apps - all through increased network capacity as well as data rates.
Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).
Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used in many real-time situations, including transportation, security, networking, and smart cities. The potential benefits and capabilities of AI/ML are increasing exponentially with the technological advancements that are being made. This means that there are more security threats and potential malware attacks.
Cisco ensures your business is powered with intelligence. This allows you to solve many business and network problems in real-time.
Cloud Computing
Digital experiences are quickly becoming the key difference between you and your competition.
Cisco plans to transform the app experience by supporting 50% more apps in the next two years.
Cisco Intersight, an IT giant, provides intelligent visualisation, optimization, and orchestration for all apps and infrastructure in your hybrid cloud environment. This enables your business to master hybrid cloud IT in real-time.
DevOps certification has a deep-rooted relationship with software and information technology. Digital transformation has made networking a much more important part of modern life.